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Hi friends, what a few months it has been. I am so happy to be back to blogging and even more excited to be sharing with you the reveal of our new fireplace mantle! Yes, you heard me correctly, after years and years of dreaming about this mantle it has finally become a reality! I am already searching up pinterest for all the Christmas mantle ideas.

Look at this beauty, have I mentioned how proud I am of myself that I was able to make this mantle by myself (with the help of my wonderful dad of course).


The fireplace started off as just a large, 8′ wide by 8′ high square stone box. It just did not have any character or style (in my own personal opinion). We used 2 8′ by 6″ pine boards, 1 8′ by 8″ pine board, 1 8′ pine chair rail and 2 8′ pieces of oak trim.

I kept it quite simple for fall decor and I love it. Simply by adding a bunch of thrifted pieces, candles, vases, books and my small little dish that I found for the $5 Goodwill Challenge, along side with some natural elements from nature (dried hydrangeas, my favorite) and some real mini pumpkins from the grocery store.


For now, I will share with you the video for the $5 Goodwill Challenge that showcases the mantle in all its beauty.

I appreciate you all so much and I thank you for being here.


Much love,