About Jen

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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Firstly, let me introduce myself, my name is Jennifer (but you can call me Jen because well everyone does).

I am a substitute teacher and mother to two amazing children, Connor who is 8 and Madeline who is 5. Being a substitute definitely comes with it’s challenges and means that I really need to stay organized and “on top” of things because if I happen to get a call for work at 7:30 I need to be ready to head out the door. 

I have a passion for decorating and creating a home that is organized and fits my families lifestyle. We are a busy family of 4 and are on the go between extracurricular activities, school and work, that our life can sometimes be chaotic but I try my best to keep it as stress free as possible. Here on my page I try to share with you my tips and tricks to stay organized in a busy world while attempting to keep it simplistic and minimal. My ultimate goal is to be able to spend less time cleaning and more time to enjoy the simple things.


On my page you will also find many Do it Yourself projects, budget decor ideas, kid related content and travel related content.

Our family loves to spend time together and travelling is one of our favorite things. We all love visiting Walt Disney World and it is our favorite vacation spot for many reasons, but not only do we enjoy travelling to far places, just being together is all we need.

When I first started my jump into Social Media, I started with YouTube, creating a channel that shares my love and passion for cleaning, home decor and Child related toy reviews. More recently I decided that I would create a blog to coordinate with some of my videos! So please, grab a hot cup of coffee or tea, sit back and relax. I am glad you decided to stop by 🙂