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Hi friends, welcome back to one part of my corner on the internet. It is bright (well actually it is still very much dark) and early (that in fact is true- 5:35 am to be exact) this morning as I sit and write this blog post. I made a promise to myself that I would write more often and it’s just been so hard to find the time to sit and do that. Well, here I am, keeping to my promise. Is there anyone keeping me accountable? No, just myself, but this is important so I am going to follow my heart and even if the posts may be short, I will write.

So today marks the first ever (well at least for me) Fall September Scavenger Hunt! “What is this Fall September Scavenger Hunt” you ask? “Can you explain this to me?” you ask. Well, I’d be happy to!! So my dear friend, Kellie from Yard Sale Squad on YouTube has created a challenge for content creators on YouTube or Instagram, to take the month of September to thrift, yardsale, or go basically anywhere you can get something for second hand and check off as many categories on a Scavenger Hunt list she has created.

I can say that I had so much fun participating and I really hope she makes this an annual tradition for years to come. It’s a great way to kick off VLOGTOBER! Yes, you read that correctly, VLOGTOBER is back on my YouTube channel!! Make sure you head over and subscribe if not already! I will have a video everyday for October. Happily Organized Chaos YouTube Channel 

Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a little bit of your day with me.

Take Care,