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Hi friends, so today as I sit in my office admiring the cold, wet and snowy weather we are having (well not really admiring it, but am enjoying the day off and being able to get back into writing and spending the day with my sweet family).  I have decided just to take a little leap of faith and jump right back into this blog. It has been a long, hot minute since I sat down to write. In all honesty, I had no idea what to write. You see, I do have a lot of ideas floating around in my head but just didn’t have the time or energy to sit down and write. I used to get up early, and if you notice blog posts from earlier years I would get up and write in the early morning hours, before anyone else had woke. I enjoyed the silence  that the early morning hours brought, but alas I am just not sure where that “get up and go” attitude went.  So today I am literally just writing every word that comes into my head at this very moment. It may not be the prettiest or most interesting blog post I have ever written but at least it is something.

I just want to start off by saying that this weather is really making me miss Disney. So many of my dear friends are now enjoying themselves at the Disney’s Creators Conference in sunny (and warm) Orlando, FL. How exciting is it for them and I am truly loving following them along on this journey. Maybe one day I will be joining them, but for today I will watch them on their Instagram and their stories.

There is a question I am sure you all would like answered, and I am pretty sure that question is “Where have you been?” In short, I’ve been here. I haven’t gone anywhere, but I have been teaching first grade full time since September. After the summer finished, I was positive I was still going to be substituting for the school year. I had grand plans for my YouTube channel and this blog. Rewind back to the beginning of September and the phone rings. It was my (now) principal asking if I wanted to work for the next 3 weeks in a grade one classroom. Of course I said yes and fast forward to today (mid February) and I am still in the same grade one classroom. I am loving every minute of teaching first grade. I have the sweetest class but it is exhausting. There is so much work that goes into setting up a classroom, all the materials that need to be made….print, laminate, cut & repeat (this was my mantra for September). My team teacher is wonderful, and we do everything together. I am so grateful to have her in my life. So this leaves me with the question of “What about YouTube? What about the blog?” They are still here. I have no plans on abandoning them at any time. I love filming and writing too much. I have just learned that I have to schedule it in and I have to make the time. Really, I should be cleaning the house right now on this free day, instead I am taking the hour to sit and write this post because I feel this is important and I need to get it up.

I hope that you all continue to support me on this journey as I learn to balance working full time outside the home and work on this blog and my YouTube channel. Thank you all and I love you for it.

Take Care and until the next one (which I promise will be soon…)