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ORC Week Two: Master Bedroom: Changes

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So it is week two already of the ORC hosted by Calling it Home and in today’s post I am going to talk to you about how life can have such a huge impact on design style! You know,  renovations are hard. They are mentally and physically exhausting. I work full time outside of the home, 5 days a week. I am a mother of 2 very active children, who are in extracurricular activities 3 out of 7 days and between YouTube, this blog, work and staying on top of social media (and lets not forget the regular household chores, feeding my family and staying active) it is hard to get anything accomplished. Enter the One Room Challenge that I signed up to do and the amazing shiplap wall treatment I was dreaming of doing…..

Post2 Shiplap.jpegSource: A Thoughtful Place Blog ( originally from HGTV Fixer Upper)

Unfortunately, my ORC master bedroom dream design may be changing, due to lack of time, energy and money. I needed to take something off the table and it looks like this would be the one that would have the less of an impact on the style of the room. I still plan on doing something that will have a dramatic impact on the room but would take less time and money. I am thinking of an accent wall similar to this…

Post2 Board and Batten.jpgSource: Proverbs 31 Girl

That way I feel that the dresser will pop and give the room that statement on the wall that I was looking for.

Let’s move onto what I’ve done so far in the room. So, this past week has been interesting, beside that craizness of my everyday life, my mother ended up in the hosiptal. This put a lot of room progress on hold but I was able to shop here and there, I found an amazing coverlet that I am so excited to use in the room, some curtains and a few accessories, but what has really started stressing me out is my commitment issue!! I bought this amazing bedding

beddingSource: Local Quilt Store

and fell in love with it. It has all the colors I want to incorporate into the room and will give the bed that pop of color I wanted, but I am worried now that white curtains will look too bland. This leads me to the “great curtain dilemma” white or navy? I feel that if I get the navy it will drastically change the feel of the room away from the farmhouse style I was originally going for.

Source: HGTV Fixer Upper and Wayfair

So unfortunately I do not have a progress picture for you all this week because of life but I promise next week to have some and this might be happening this weekend….



12 thoughts on “ORC Week Two: Master Bedroom: Changes

  1. It happens to the best of us and it wouldn’t be a challenge otherwise right?! Love your new bedding, major blue and white fan here! I’m using faux reclaimed wood/shiplap removable wallpaper for our bathroom refresh, something you might think about for a temporary fix, as I don’t have the time either or skill. 🙂 Excited to see how you transform this space! Let’s do this! Sarah

  2. Love that bedding! And I’m personally a huge fan of navy so I vote navy for the curtains. White is definitely more farmhouse – but it isn’t as unique.

  3. I happen to be a fan of the navy curtains but the white is just so farmhouse! Maybe a navy tie back or garland to break up the white a little? Or bring it in with lamps or other accessories in front of the curtains? Either way I LOOOOOVE the bedding so you definitely made the right decision… love it! Can’t wait to see what happens, sorry to hear you had such a stressful week! Life just gets in the way sometimes.

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