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ORC Week Three: Master Bedroom: Painting walls, painting furniture

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I can not believe I am at the half way point of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home. Seems like I just started the whole process yesterday but in reality today marks the update of week 3, the half way point!! If you missed by weeks one and two updates I will link them below 🙂

ORC Week One Master Bedroom Inspiration and Ideas/ ORC Week Two Master Bedroom Changes

I actually had a lot accomplished this past week, really having  4 days off from work really helped. I accomplished so much in those 4 days it is unbelievable.

For one I painted the entire room. I had to do 2 coats of paint. I was going back and forth between Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and Benjamin Moore Grey Owl, and in the end the Grey Owl won the battle. One issue though was I only bought one can and guess what, I ran out of paint!! I sent hubs to go and get me another can and when he got there the paint store (a small local store) was closed all weekend long!! I couldn’t believe it. Not my luck. So I went to the only other store that carried Benjamin Moore paint (Central Building Supply) and they didn’t carry the eggshell finish that I had, so I purchased a Pittsburgh Paints Eggshell and thought it would be fine. Well boy was I wrong!!! It was a slight shade darker and the worse part was I didn’t notice that until I touched up 3 spots on a finished wall 😮 Luckily, I had a tiny bit of the original paint left and was able to squeeze just enough out!



Next I started on my dresser. We are working with a budget (and a very small one at that) so as much as I want to be able to go and buy a new dresser I just can’t at the moment. The one we have is old but in fine working order, so I decided to just paint and update it a little. So I bought this My Chalk powder and a small  can of Chelsea Grey by Benjamin Moore(half tint) and started painting. I also updated the dresser a little. I’ll have a full tutorial coming up later on the blog 🙂



I have been struggling with curtains and lamps, I just can not seem to find “the ones” You know, the ones that spark joy every time I enter the room. I feel that is going to be a downfall of this challenge, I want to finish but I also do not want to buy just to buy. I want every item in my room to spark joy and bring me happiness every time I enter the room.


So onto week four. I hope you continue to follow along and I hope that I find some of these pieces that will pull the room together 🙂

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7 thoughts on “ORC Week Three: Master Bedroom: Painting walls, painting furniture

  1. You had a bit of a setback there, but I’m sure it will all come together. I think its par for the renovating/makeover course! 😉

  2. You really have done a lot of work! We under-bought on paint once and I never made that mistake again. These days I always buy more than I think I’ll need, and it’s worked out for the best every time. Best of luck on finding curtains that you love. That really can be difficult!

  3. That’s a lot of painting! It’s funny how every time I’m looking for something specific, I can’t find it. But when I randomly browse, I find tons of stuff that I love and at good prices!

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