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There are a few things I truly love in life. First, of course is my family, I mean (seriously) that is a given. Then there is the autumn season. I love the fall, the crisp cool air, the leaves are changing colors and the smell, oh my dear friends, there is just something about waking up in the morning and smelling the sweet smells of autumn. Then there is Disney, my whole family loves Disney. We love the movies, the parks, the merchandise. Plain and simple….we love Disney, but sometimes I don’t want my house to scream “We love Disney” (Please don’t hurt me) it’s just when it comes to home decor lately I have been embracing a more simple and minimal style and having not as much bright color, so when I decided I needed to have a little splash of Disney in my life I decided to create this Disney “Inspired” Mickey wreath. I love the simplicity of it, with the small little hint of our favorite place to visit.  Keep on reading if you would like to create your own Disney Inspired Fall Wreath.

To start this wreath you will first have to gather up all the supplies that you will need, and by looking at the picture above you can see that you will not need too many things in order to create this beautiful wreath.


  • grapevine wreath base (Michael’s Craft Store $5)
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • Faux Floral sprigs
  • mini faux pumpkins

Step One

The first thing you will have to do is to gather your faux floral sprigs and spread the flowers, leaves and other pieces apart. Then you will use your scissors to snap the pieces off. You can probably use wire cutters for this but I don’t have any on hand and wanted to do this project on a budget.


After you used the scissors then you may have to snap the wire apart, this is a pretty easy step (which like I mentioned, if you used wire cutters you would be able to skip this step).

Now once that is finished you will have a pile of floral and sprigs and you will then take those pieces and place them on the wreath in the spots you think you may want them to go. For this step I would suggest not gluing them yet because then it will be easier to move if you decide that you want to rearrange the wreath.


Once you have your flower pieces on the wreath in the spots you are happy with, then you will glue them on with the hot glue gun. You will have a few moments to re arrange the pieces around before the glue hardens into place.

Once you do that, then you will go ahead and create the Mickey pumpkin head that will be the main piece to your wreath. I did this by simply hot gluing 2 smaller pumpkins as ears on the medium size one. You can also use tooth picks as supports (which I do not have pictured) and then it wouldn’t take as long.

Once your Mickey head is complete, you will place it where you want it on the wreath and voila, you are complete!

This Disney Mickey fall inspired wreath is the perfect addition to any front porch, door or even somewhere in your home for any Disney loving family.

I hope you create your own Mickey wreath and display it in your home, and let me know where you display it in the comments below. I hope you all have a wonderful day and a magical evening, and as always, take care.