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Well friends, week one of embracing a budget and meal plan has come to an end and I am happy to report that it was a success. While there are definitely some kinks and areas we need to improve, overall I feel like the $150 budget I set in place in a decent one for our family. Let me break it down to you, here is my meal plan and grocery haul from last week, Week One Meal Plan and Grocery Haul  for reference.

The meals, overall, were a success with the entire family, children included. Although, I feel I need to embrace a few more meals that are a little simpler for the kids. They were not a fan of the sandwiches, although they ate the cheese and meat, the bread was too hard (according to them). So lesson learned to stick to normal white Italian loaf from now on. Surprisingly, Connor loved the vegetarian chili, while Maddie was not a fan and no surprise that tacos were a huge hit (I mean, who doesn’t love tacos?!).

We didn’t have as many leftovers as I anticipated so that is an area I need to improve. I also feel that I need to meal plan for every day of the week and not rely on having left overs because as I experienced, that did not happen and I found that we were struggling to figure out dinner during the weekend.

I am happy to report that there was much less food wastage this past week and we did rather well sticking to our plan. Now, I am really excited to share this weeks meal plan with you all and you will notice  I made sure to include a meal for every day during the week but plans can change and if we have leftovers we will eat those first in order to minimize wasting food.

Monday: Spaghetti and Marinara with Garlic Bread

Tuesday: Tacos (for the kids with cucumber slices as a side). I am having ground turkey taco Salad.

Wednesday: Sheppard’s Pie

Thursday: Shake and Bake chicken with baby  potatoes and corn

Friday: Fish Sticks, oven french fries and carrots

Saturday: Easy meal of sandwiches and soup

Sunday: Pizza (Connors birthday party) **This will be a take out meal because it is during Connors birthday party**


So there you have it friends, this is what this upcoming week should look like for meals in our house. I would love to hear what some of your family favorite meals are, so please leave me a comment down below. Until next time I hope you all have a wonderful day and we’ll chat with you soon.