Striving for Perfectionism

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It’s been a while since I posted and maybe it is because I feel that I have nothing of importance to say or it is just that I am so consumed by this fear that I need to “get it right”. Perfectionism, I struggle with this quite a bit. I want everything to be perfect, whether it’d be with this blog, YouTube channel or my own personal life, I just want to succeed and I want everything to be perfect. No room for error. The thing is, life isn’t like that, there is always going to be something. I really feel as a mom I strive to be perfect, to have the perfect “pinterst-y” parties or make that perfect snack. I don’t want people to stop by or come over because of that fear of being “judged” because my house doesn’t look like a show house. It isn’t staged, it is very much lived in. Kid toys in the living room (as much as I want them to stay in my playroom it just isn’t happening), the beds might not be made and the sink may have a pile of dishes in it. I’ve always wanted to please everyone, make others happy. I need to let go of this fear and come to terms with the fact that not everything is always going to be perfect, that life will throw you curve balls and sometimes there is going to be dishes in the sink or the beds will go unmade but what you will always find in this house is love. You may see a messy house, with toys everywhere but you will also find kitchen dance parties before dinner, you will hear laughter from my children, you will smell freshly baked cookies (and the mess from the dishes in the sink). You will always find a friend if you need one, someone to talk to and listen when times are rough. What you will find is me, and yes I am not perfect, I am sometimes a mess and well I am me and happy to be 🙂

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  1. My house is often messy. I often laugh and say, “We live here!” Like you said, the important things are the fun and the love, and it sounds like you’ve got that covered!

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