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ORC Week Four: Master Bedroom: Bedside Table Dilemma

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Oh my! How can it be week four already of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home and so much has happened already. To refresh your memory if you are following along, I am redecorating our master bedroom. In case you missed my other updates I’ll link them below:

Week One/Week Two/Week Three

20170405_205900Can you believe this is what my room used to look like? It was the colors from the previous owners and I was not thrilled with the color scheme. We painted everything: walls…dresser…you name it, we painted it!

Without showing too much of the room (which I obviously am saving for week 6) I have purchased and have started to put together the room. I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit but yet I feel that I still have so much to do.

This weekend will be the nail biter, I have a few big projects that I have to start and finish in order to start the fun part of decorating and staging the room for photos.

ORCToDo2.jpgI changed my mind on the shiplap wall treatment. As much as I would have loved it, time and money played a huge factor in my decision, but I am feeling good about it. I’ll show you my design board again.MasterBedDeisgnThose bedside tables have been the bane of my existence. I seriously do not like them one bit, the scale is completely off for the bed, but I can not go out and purchase two new ones that I would love because of money at the moment. I can’t wait to show you what I ended up doing, it saved me money an it made these tables look brand new again!! (That will be in another blog post after the ORC ones)

Look at these horrible bedside tables!! The handles are dated, the paint is chipping and they are super tiny!!

So I hope you have been enjoying my journey through this process. I can see why bloggers keep going back and completing these one room challenges, they are fun for sure. Make sure you check out all the other guest bloggers doing this challenge as well!!


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